Are you prepared for your finals? We can help you!

The Ask Doctor Clarke team have been providing the UK's most popular and highly acclaimed revision courses for many years. Our research shows that 99.7% of students who attend pass their final exams.
All the courses are run in partnership with the BMA and BMA members save £15 per course day: the prices are £54.00 per day for BMA members and £69.00 per day for non-members. You will be provided with an 80-page colour-printed course book.

What previous students thought of the courses:

"Amazing - the best to-the-point teaching we've ever had." (Manchester student)

"Dr Clarke answers the questions you've thought about but never quite figured out." (GKT Student)

"Thank you so much. You managed to sum up my time at medical school in one weekend. I now feel ready to revise whereas before I just didn't know where to begin." (Liverpool student)

"Four people got distinctions, and we had all attended your courses." (Leicester student)

"I am very pleased that I came. Almost everything I was asked about in finals was covered." (Edinburgh student)

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Medicine and Surgery for Finals: FAQs

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Essential Paediatrics and O&G: FAQs

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