Course Bookings Terms and Conditions


Medicine and Surgery for Finals are provided by Dr. Robert Clarke. The booking service is provided by Ask Doctor Clarke Ltd., but students should note that all legal and contractual arrangements are with Dr. Robert Clarke.

Essential Paediatrics Revision and Essential Obstetrics and Gynaecology are provided by Ask Doctor Clarke Ltd. The lecturers for this course are all members of the ADC team and have a track record of excellence in medical education.

The course and all material supplied with it are the copyright of Dr. Robert Clarke unless otherwise stated. Materials must not be copied without the express written permission of the author.

The Courses are only available to bona fide medical students and physician assistants.

Please note that there is no academic input to or endorsement of the revision courses by the host institutions. Photography and both audio and video recording of the lectures are prohibited.

Alterations, Cancellations, Refunds and Substitutions

If, having booked a course, you find you are unable to attend the following applies:-
  1. If you notify Dr. Clarke at least 30 days before the course date, and wish to attend an alternative course where there are spaces available, we will change your booking free of charge.
  2. If you notify Dr. Clarke at least 30 days before the course date, and wish to obtain a refund, we will refund you the course fee less an administrative charge of £10.00 per course day.
  3. If you notify Dr. Clarke at least 10 days before the course date, and wish to send another Medical Student in your place, you may do so free of charge providing you email us with your colleague's name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Please note that for security reasons, we can not accept any substitutions less than 10 days before the Course.
  4. If you find yourself unable to attend in circumstances that fall outside the above deadlines, we regret that we will not normally provide a refund.

For enquiries about any of the above, please email

BMA Members' Discount

BMA members receive a discount at the time of booking by entering their BMA membership number, which is automatically checked against the BMA database. You need to be a BMA member both at the time of booking and at the time of attendance at the course in order to be eligible for the discount.

If you have only recently renewed your membership or joined the BMA, there may be a short delay before you are able to book at the discounted rate. See below if you are keen to book your discounted place as soon as possible.

Please note we do not refund the difference if you choose to book as a non member, and then attempt to present your correct membership details at a later time. If it is found that anyone has falsely claimed either to be a BMA member, or to have completed the BMA on-line joining process when they have not, Ask Doctor Clarke Ltd. and/or Dr. Robert Clarke reserve the right to cancel that persons booking, and deduct £40.00 administration fee from any refund due. In addition, please be aware of any probity implications.

Lost BMA Membership/Not sure if you are a BMA member?

If you have lost your membership number or are unsure of your membership status, contact the BMA on 0300 123 123 3 (between 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday except UK-wide bank holidays) and a BMA advisor will be able to assist you or you can email

Just joined and awaiting BMA number If you go on-line and book a place using the "I am not a BMA member" route, the next webpage you will see outlines the benefits of membership. It provides a link to the BMA website so those who are not yet members can join if they wish. If you have already applied, you don't need to follow that link. At the bottom of the page it gives you a number of options: one of them says "I just joined the BMA, please re-calculate my booking to include my discount". If you click that button, you can book a discounted place without your BMA number. All students who use this mechanism will have their membership status checked before the course.

Exceptional Circumstances

Dr. Robert Clarke is booked as the lecturer for Medicine and Surgery for Finals. If, in exceptional circumstances (e.g. illness), he is unable to attend, he reserves the right to provide an alternate teacher.

If the course has to be cancelled by us in its entirety for any reason relating to venue or other circumstances beyond our control, a full refund will be provided. If a course has to be cancelled part way through, 50% of the course fee will be refunded. However, please note that it is a condition of booking that we will not be liable for any travel and accommodation costs or other out of pocket expenses that you may incur should a cancellation take place.

Protecting your data

We ask for your name, medical school, email address and BMA membership number, if applicable, when you book a place on-line. These details are shared with the BMA solely for the purpose of printing the course register and validating membership status. We will never pass your details to any other party.

We use your preferred email address for course correspondance, sending reminders about the pre-course work in the weeks before the course plus a post-course email after you attend and an email after your exams. If you would like us to delete your contact details at any stage just let us know by emailing

Once you have entered your details on the Ask Doctor Clarke course booking page, you are redirected via a secure connection to the on-line bank (Barclays) and you enter payment details there. Ask Doctor Clarke does not hold or store your payment card details. An e-receipt with details of the amount paid is sent to you on our behalf by the on-line bank. Once payment has been made, you are directed back to the ADC website to confirm your place on the course and a second confirmation email is generated, which has details of the dates and venues you have booked and the pre-course material. You should normally receive this within 24 hours. If you only receive the e-receipt and not the confirmation email, please check in your filtered mail/spam mailbox. Hotmail (and no other ] email provider) regularly sends the confirmation emails to spam in error, so if you have used a hotmail address, you will need to add us to your "e;permitted list"e;. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact and we will investigate.

Accessing the educational resources that support the course

This is separate from the course booking process. If you haven't already done so, you will need to join the website from the front page, using the "e;register here"e; pathway.