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Venue Essential Paediatric Revision Essential O&G
 None None
London BMA House21/05/2016Course Full 22/05/2016Course Full 
London BMA House26/11/2016Course Full 27/11/2016Course Full 
Dublin- St James's Hospital03/12/2016Course Full 04/12/2016Course Full 
London BMA House04/03/2017Course Full 05/03/2017Course Full 
Leeds- Medical Teaching Centre25/03/2017Course Full 26/03/2017Course Full 
London BMA House20/05/2017Course Full 21/05/2017Course Full 
London BMA House18/11/2017Course Full 19/11/2017Course Full 
Dublin- St James's Hospital02/12/2017Course Full 03/12/2017Course Full 
London BMA House13/01/2018Course Full 14/01/2018Course Full 
London BMA House24/02/2018Places Available25/02/2018Places Available
London BMA House07/04/2018Places Available08/04/2018Places Available
Leeds- Medical Teaching Centre14/04/2018Places Available15/04/2018Places Available
London BMA House26/05/2018Places Available27/05/2018Places Available

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